North West Event Medical Solutions

Meet the Management


Paul Martin

Founder & DirectorOperations Director & Co-Founder

Paul has gathered a number of years' experience within the events industry. Starting out stewarding at a local carnival, he quickly proved he was able to lead a team and was appointed Head Steward within 2 months of being involved with the Carnival. Paul has an excellent eye for detail and has a wealth of knowledge to go with this.

Paul is very good at finding the strengths and weaknesses in a team and can quickly identify where any further training needs to be given.

This is done with both personal mentorship and working in conjunction with Dale to find what training courses may be beneficial.

Paul has proven to be a good communicator and respects his team. People are happy to work with him as he also knows how to let people use their own initiative and help build confidence through trust and guidance.

A perfect "sidekick" to Dale to make an unbeatable team in delivering outstanding services to current and prospective clients.